Tasting Notes

This recipe is for two. French toast is a great breakfast.

But this one is extra great because it uses Challah – a Jewish yeast bread served on special Jewish holidays. It is enriched with eggs, similar to brioche. But unlike brioche dough – enriched with butter – Challah uses oil. The result is a bread that is less rich than brioche, has a bit of a sweet taste to it and is lighter and airier than regular bread. It makes for the perfect French toast, crunchy on the outside, light, fluffy, rich, on the inside.

What You Need

1 Challah loaf, readily available in most grocery stores and many bakeries.

2 oranges.

1 cup blueberries.

11/2 cups strawberries.

1 egg.

1/4 cup milk.

6 tablespoons butter.

1 tablespoon vanilla.

1 bottle of real maple syrup. You can use other syrups but maple syrup is the best.

6 slices of bacon. If you don’t have bacon uses breakfast sausages or skip altogether. However, the bacon with its smoky, salty, taste, works well with the sweet taste of the syrup and the fruit.


1 large frying pan.

1 medium frying pan.

1 large plate.

1 fork.


Cut up your strawberries into halves, depending on their size. Set aside.

Crack your egg and put it on your plate. With your fork, mix the egg as if you were making scrambled eggs.

Add your milk, vanilla, mix and set aside.

Take your two frying pans and place on your stovetop at medium heat. Add the bacon to the smaller pan and cook till it’s super crispy, about six to eight minutes.

In the meantime take your Challah bread and cut off four slices, each about 1/2 inch thick. Once done take your bread, dredge it through your egg-milk mixture on both sides, making sure all of the bread is coated with the mixture.

Then put two slices of the Challah into the frying pan. Once one side had gotten a nice brown colour, turn over and repeat. Once done put the Challah into a warm oven. Now repeat with the remaining two pieces of Challah.

Once done add the Challah to your plates. On each piece of Challah add 1/2 teaspoon of the butter, add your strawberries, blueberries and then drizzle maple syrup over everything.

Once the bacon is done put on a serving plate.

You are now ready to plate.