Given the current pandemic all of us are having to deal with new realities, restrictions, finding new ways to cope.

It’s tough, for some tougher than for others.

But when you think about it there is one thing that drives us forward.

And one word says it all – HOPE.


It’s what makes us human.

It’s the essence of humanity.

It’s what strives us to do better.

No matter the adversity.

Hope has changed civilizations.

It has changed history.

It has changed all of us.

It is subtle.

But it it is always there.

And it can be positive.

It can be negative.

But it always within us.

Hope can triumph in the face of great adversity.

But it’s within us ALL.

Within us what we hope for.

And history, as always, is our guide today.

And it’s clear.

We want to do better.

We want to make the world a better place.

Hope, the essence of being human.

 Every Wednesday, veteran journalist, George Froehlich, gets personal – sharing with you, his amazing travel destinations, his wonderful recipes, art he loves, music he enjoys.
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