Tasting Notes

The sausages Linda used were – Toulouse – a French kind that are hearty and made from pork with garlic, onions, and red wine.

This dinner is for two – the pan-fried potatoes are creamy with some bits crusty and brown, caramelized onions with some garlic, make the potatoes rich and hearty, the sausages are also hearty, but a nice Dijon mustard and some chilli marmalade add extra flavour dimensions. The salad is light, refreshing, the Feta cubes, adding a bit of a briny taste.

What You Need

1 1/2 cups of Frizee salad.

10 cherry tomatoes.

One-half of a large cucumber.

1 large green onion.

10 small cubes of Feta cheese.

Two Toulouse sausages.

Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard and chilli jam.

Salt and pepper.

One medium-sized onion.

Two large potatoes.

Six tablespoons olive oil.

One tablespoon white vinegar.

One tablespoon of the brine from the Feta. We usually by our Feta – cubed – in a small container. The Feta is in a brine.

Two tablespoons butter.


One medium-sized bowl

1 medium- sized frying pan.

1 wooden spoon.

1 medium-sized plate.


The salad you can make ahead of time, adding the dressing just before you are ready to serve.

Cut your cherry tomatoes in half, adding them to your bowl.

Cut the cucumber in half, then peel it, then cut into medium slices, add to the bowl. Cut the green onion diagonally and add to the bowl. Use the whole onion.

Also add your Frizee and Feta to the bowl.

Take three tablespoons of your olive oil, vinegar and Feta brine and add to the bowl, season with salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside and put in the refrigerator. When ready to serve take out of the fridge and mix the salad well.

Cut your onion in half, down the centre, then peel away the skin. Slice your onion in thin slices. Then add to your frying pan plus three tablespoons of the olive oil and put on a stove top at medium heat. With your wooden spoon, slosh the onions around till they are all coated with oil. Once you have done that, turn the heat down to close to low. Every once in while make sure you move the onions around with the wooden spoon. This should take about 20 minutes, making sure the onions don’t burn and you may have to turn down the heat to low to prevent burning. The onions are ready when they are kind of mushy. Taste them. They should have a nice sweet taste to them. Then season to taste with salt and pepper. Then take your onions out of the pan onto the plate, set aside.

They should have a nice sweet taste to them. Then season to taste with salt and pepper. Then take your onions out of the pan onto the plate, set aside.

Take your potatoes, wash them, don’t peel them, and cut into thin slices. Add them to the frying pan you used for the onions, add the two tablespoons of olive oil and turn up heat to medium. Now use your wooden spoon to swish them around, ensuring that all of them have oil on them. Reduce the heat to medium low, every once in a while, mix the mixture with your spoon. Make sure the potatoes don’t burn. You may have to turn down the heat. In 20 minutes your potatoes should be ready, but make sure you taste a few of them, this will give you a good idea how long it will take before they are ready. Once done season with salt and pepper to taste. Take your potatoes out and put them on the same plate where the onions are.

Now take your two sausages – with the heat on medium – add your two tablespoons of butter and fry the sausages. Turn them over every once in a while to make sure they are nice and brown. Again watch your heat so nothing burns. At the 15 minute mark, add the potatoes, onions to the frying and cook everything for another five minutes, making sure that by using your wooden spoon to move everything around it will be nice and warm.

You are now ready to plate – add one sausage to each plate, along with some potatoes and a tablespoon each of the mustard and the chilli jam.

Dish out the salad.

Enjoy, it’s Delicioso