It was a small sign on the highway – Montepulciano.

We decided – my wife Linda and I – let’s take it and see where it leads to.

We were in Tuscany on a three-week holiday, exploring the Tuscan countryside from our home base – a farmhouse on a vineyard – in our small rented Volkswagen Beetle.

The road leading to Montepulciano, small, winding, unpaved, luscious green vineyards on each side.

It was off the beaten path – the start of an excellent adventure.

Gradually, our Beetle chugging along, continuing its upward climb on this small hill; suddenly we saw them in the distance, old medieval buildings standing tall among the gorgeous, lush, countryside.

It was the small medieval hilltop town of Montepulciano, population 14,003 – Tuscany, Italy – dating back to the 14th. Century.

We parked the Beetle, walking the rest of the way, finally reached the town’s Piazza Grande ( square) a circular area, surrounded by various old buildings.
The largest – Palazzo Comunale (City Hall) built in the 14th. Century, it’s tower reaching into the sky, allowing magnificent views of the lush, emerald green countryside below.

Another must see Montepulciano Cathedral.

A homely bare-brick, place it was completed in 1680. The inside opulent and grandiose.

After that it was time to explore the ancient side streets full of great cafes, restaurants and shops.

We did – shopping, enjoying a great dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants.

After that we called it a day determined to come back to explore, savour and enjoy the Montepulciano area – site of one of the finest winemaking areas in the world.

We did and that will be another post.