Jeff Beck – one of rock’s greatest, most influential, guitarists.

His guitar skills and mastery legendary.

For nearly 60 years, the mercurial Beck, used his guitar, especially the Fender Stratocaster, to unleash adventuresome sounds.

And no wonder.

“My Strat”, as he called it “is another arm. I’ve welded myself to that. Or it’s welded itself to me, one or the other.

“It’s a tool of great inspiration and torture at the same time. It’s forever sitting there, challenging you to find something else in it. But it is there if you really search.”

That welding, in the words of the music critic, Bill Wyman, “unleashed essays of unearthly sounds, but always with a mind-bending clarity and precision.”

And those sounds “displaying again and again a mastery of the instrument’s sonic possibilities”, made them “among the most adventuresome and advanced of his generation.”

Beck an English guitarist rose to prominence as a member of the English rock band, the Yardbirds.

Eventually he left the band and founded his own group, a short-lived venture.

But even though Beck was recognized time after time as one of rock’s most accomplished and influential guitarist he never managed to establish or maintain commercial success as a solo artist, even though he recorded two albums.

So instead Beck started recording with many of rock’s most successful bands and rockers.