Nina Simone

Nina Simone was special.

Her music was special.

It was memorable, an amalgam of musical styles – gospel, pop, folk, classical, jazz – rendering velvety, memorable, pieces of music that stir your soul.

This American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, a fervent, major, civil rights activist, her beliefs often shortcutting her career, forcing her to move countless times, often outside her birthplace, the U.S.

She was born in the Deep South, Tryon, North Carolina, a small town, the sixth of eight children.

As a young child it became apparent that she was a musical prodigy, evident how well she played the piano.

She ended up studying at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York thanks to the help of supporters from her hometown.

That was the start of a phenomenal career.

One of her best songs – Feeling Good.