What You Need

2 salmon fillets 

8 baby potatoes (cut in half) 

1 radicchio lettuce (shredded) 

2 handful of fresh picked rocket 

2 oranges (peeled and cut into segments) 

8 cherry tomatoes (cut in half) 

2 red onions (peeled and sliced)

4 tablespoons of dried cranberry 

1 lemon (juiced) 

2 sprigs of fresh thyme

4 tablespoons of mayo 

1 teaspoon of turmeric 

1 cup of mango juice 


2 roasting pans

1 large plate

1 cooking pot

1 small bowl


First off, pre heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, add a drizzle of olive oil to a roasting pan.

Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes strain and then add to the roasting pan in the oven, season with salt and pepper, mix well and cook for an extra 10 minutes in the oven.

Check the potatoes for doneness, then add the thyme and mix well with the juice from the lemon. Cook for another five minutes.

While the potatoes are cooking take the other pan, adding a bit of olive and massage it into the salmon, season with salt and pepper.

Add the pan to the pre-heated oven (450 degrees Fahrenheit).

Cook skin side down for a few minutes to allow the skin to crisp, flip over and turn off the heat allowing the salmon to cook. This will take about 10 minutes.

Mix the salad ingredients – keep the onions for garnish, a few of the orange segments – drizzle a little olive oil over them and season with salt and pepper.

In a small bowl mix the mango juice, turmeric and mayo for the sauce.

Now it’s time to arrange all the ingredients.

Place the potatoes in the centre of the plate, add the salad on top, place the onion and the orange segments around the plate. Place the salmon on top of the salad, potatoes, mixture.

Drizzle the sauce around the plate.


Who Is Paul Waters

I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and looking back, it really amazes me to say that I have been involved in the Chef’s industry for nearly 30 years now. Cooking has always been the biggest passion of mine, and having discovered it at the age of 16 I’ve never really considered any other professional path for myself.

Needless to say, I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked in most desirable places such as the Savoy in London and Sydney Opera House in Australia. It’s also a true gift to be able to have gathered so much irreplaceable knowledge and precious experience during these years, since being a Chef also allowed me to travel the world, discover new exciting cultures and meet a whole bunch of fantastic individuals.Therefore I sincerely hope that you will get to appreciate the food and all the aspects connected to it the way I do.