Tasting Notes

Dinner for two.

Sweet taste of the sea, enveloped in a super crispy crust with a hint of lemon. That’s what you get when you have our red snapper dinner

The fries, crispy on the outside, the inside pillowy, topped with some hot sauce.

A simple cherry tomato salad – olive oil, salt and pepper, only. The tomatoes sweet, the olive oil enhancing their natural flavour.

What You Need

1 pound fresh Red Snapper.

3/4 cup Panko (Japanese) crumbs, readily available in food stores.

1 egg.

1 lemon.

4 tablespoons of olive oil.

1 tablespoon butter.

Frozen French fries, store bought, enough for 2.

12 cherry tomatoes.

Salt and pepper.

Hot sauce.


1 grater.

3 small bowls.

2 dinner plates.

1 large frying pan.

1 medium-sized baking sheet.


Cut your cherry tomatoes in half and add to a small bowl, drizzle with the olive oil and then season with salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside.

Turn your oven on, setting the temperature to 425 Fahrenheit and once reached, add your French fries and then cook for 8 minutes, then turn them over and cook for another 8 minutes.

Add your olive oil and butter to frying pan, turn the heat to low.

Crack the egg and with a fork mix it well. Drop on to dinner plate.

Drop your Panko into a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Using a grater take your 1 lemon and zest your lemon over the bowl. Once done place on a dinner plate, set aside.

Take the fish and dredge through the egg mixture, making sure the fish is coated with the mixture.

Then take the fish and dredge through the Panko.

Now turn up the heat to medium for the frying pan and once the mixture shimmers, cook the fish for three minutes and then turning it over and cooking it for another four minutes. Check to make sure that the Panko does not burn. If it turns too dark too quickly lower the heat.

Once done, squeeze lemon juice over the fish.

You are now ready to plate.