Wasted Edible Food time

There are two ways to reduce your food costs.

One, waste less edible food.

Two, buy food that is a lot cheaper.

And there is one way to get your food at much cheaper prices than at your grocery store.

It’s called Too Good To Go.

Founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Too Good To Go has connected more than 44 million customers to save  more than 91 million meals across 17 countries.

It now operates in most major Canadian cities.

Here Is How It Works

Businesses sign up with Too Good To Know, selling their surplus products to consumers at one-third the regular price, a savings 66 1/3 per cent.

You sign up for the Too Good To Go app for your city.

The app allows you to select various options for what you like to see daily of what is available.

The products are sold in surprise bags, with the consumer not knowing what’s in them.

But you have a pretty good idea what’s in these bags.

For example, a bakery bag contains bread and sweet goods.

We have purchased these bags several times from a bakery and never have been disappointed and the bags are full of lots of goodies.

Too Good To Go Logo

So just Google – Too Good To Go

Download the app and start saving.