What You Need

2 small lobster tails.

2 large potatoes.

1/2 lemon.

A few sprigs of rosemary and thyme.

8 tablespoons of olive oil.

1 medium-sized cucumber.

4 regular-sized radishes.

1 tablespoon melted butter.

2 tablespoons Ponzu sauce, a Japanese citrus tasting sauce.

A handful each of cilantro (if you don’t like cilantro just parsley) and parsley.

2 large garlic cloves.

Salt and pepper.


Peel your cucumber and cut into medium-sized slices, cut your radishes into thin slices. Add the two into a small bowl. Then add your Ponzu sauce, season with salt and place in refrigerator.

Take your lobster tails and place them on their backs. Using kitchen shears cut through the scales – starting at the top, all the way to the tail.

Once done, turn over the tails, and with your palm press on the lobster tail, this will ensure it spreads out nicely.

Turn the tails over again and using a pastry brush spread the tails with the butter. Set aside.

Strip the leaves off the thyme and rosemary. Then put into a medium-sized bowl.

Wash your potatoes and cut into one-inch cubes. Then add them into the bowl. Add salt and pepper and then your olive oil, mix well.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a large baking sheet pan, line with foil and put your potatoes on, put into the oven and cook for 30 minutes.

Lobster tails at 400 degrees take about 1 1/2 minutes per ounce to cook (ours were six ounces). Also once done, the shell will be red, and meat bright white.

So when there are 9 minutes left for the potatoes, add your lobster tails, flesh side up.

When the potatoes and lobster tails are done, take them out and squeeze lemon juice over the lobster tails.

Peel your garlic cloves and cut up into thin slices. Set aside.

Chop up your parsley and cilantro. Then place into a medium-sized bowl, add your garlic and four tablespoons of olive oil. Using a hand-held blender start pulsing the mixture till it becomes a smooth mixture, add salt and pepper to taste and pulse again. This mixture aka pesto can be used on fish, meat and veggies.

We put a dollop of it on the dinner plate, using it for the potatoes.

Enjoy – it’s Delicioso.