Kari Morgan

Kari Morgan is a young emerging artist.

Like many young Northwest Coast artists she applies modern contemporary visions to established and honoured traditions of her First Nations identity and culture.

That approach is reflected in her paintings, sculptures and designs.

But to her art is more than just creating it – she is an advocate of First Nations culture, her personal art journey, through public workshops and lecturers.

“I hope to inspire future generations to find their potential, and get to know their heritage and traditions. I aim to educate people and change people’s perspectives.”

Morgan, still young, a female, has started establishing her career and showcasing her talent evident by the number of exhibitions in public spaces and art galleries.

She has had various shows at The Museum of Northern British Columbia, Lester Center of the Arts, Terrace Art Gallery, Smithers Art Gallery, The Kitimat Museum.

Her shows at art galleries – The Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver, and the Stonington Gallery in Seattle – both top of the line galleries for First Nations artists are a clear signal and a recognition that she is well on her way to becoming a major force in the art world.

Morgan’s art is guided art by strong personal be.iefs.

Kari Morgan

“I …believe it (art) is medicine for the soul. I hope to continue to pass on my knowledge of traditional arts and to display the strengths of my culture and people through my art and to create positive narrative change.”