This dinner serves two. We served it with Orzo, a small Italian pasta, grilled asparagus, cut-up tomatoes, and a small mango salad.

Tasting Notes
The grilled pork chops have a nice smoky flavour to them and pair well with the woodsy taste of the asparagus and the Orzo is light and bright, aided by a splash of fresh lemon juice and cut-up cherry tomatoes. And the cut-up tomatoes have a lovely sweet taste and the fresh basil adds another flavour dimension. The salad sweet, acidic, drizzled with lemon juice, adds a nice counterpoint to the richness of the chops and the orzo.

What You Need

1 cup of Orzo.

3 cups of water.

Salt and pepper.

1/2 pound of fresh asparagus.

2 pork chops about an inch thick.

10 cherry tomatoes.

1 lemon.

6 tablespoons of a good olive oil.

2 large tomatoes.

Several basil leaves.

2 regular-sized mangoes.

1 lime.


Peel your mangoes and cut the fruit into thin slices, and place in a small bowl, cut your lime in half and squeeze over the mangoes. Add some salt to taste. Set aside.
Take a large pan, add your water and bring your water to a boil.
Add your Orzo and cook for around 10 minutes. It might take a bit less, at the seven-minute mark take a few kernels of Orzo and taste them to see how well done they are. They should be nice and firm and not mushy. Cook longer if needed.
Once done, drain the Orzo and rinse with cold water.
Set aside and place in a bowl.
Cut up your cherry tomatoes in half and add them to the bowl where the Orzo is in.
Take your lemon, cut in half and squeeze the lemon juice from half a lemon over the Orzo-tomato mixture. Add two tablespoons of olive over everything. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Mix well and taste. You might want to add more lemon juice from the other one-half of the lemon.
But that depends on how lemony you want the Orzo to taste.
Set it aside.
We served the Orzo at room temperature.
Take your large tomatoes and cut up into medium slices, drizzle two tablespoons of olive oil over them, season with salt and pepper to taste.
Divide the tomatoes for two small plates.
Take your basil leaves and tear them into small pieces, making sure each tomato slice has basil on it.
Take your asparagus and break off the stems.
Place in a shallow pan and drizzle one tablespoon of oil over the asparagus, make sure the asparagus is coated with the oil all over. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Take your pork chops and drizzle one tablespoon of olive oil all over them. Season with salt and pepper.
Turn up your BBQ to high and put your asparagus on it. After three minutes add your pork chops to the BBQ.
Cook for four minutes and just leave them, don’t move them.
After the four minutes turn your pork chops over. You should have great grill marks on the one side.
Cook the other side for another four minutes.
Then turn off your BBQ and let the chops and asparagus rest for four minutes.
Presto, you are ready to plate.
Easy and delish.