Joane Cardinal-Shubert

Her mission in life was simple and consistent – expose and challenge Canada’s white society and its subjugation of First Nation’s culture and beliefs.

In that mission she was consistent whether in her role as an educator, art curator and artist.

One First Nations newspaper said this about Schuberts art:

“Joane’s work was visionary. She was one of the first Indigenous artists to explore issues like the devastation of the impact of the treaties, the horror of the residential schools, and the collision of traditional and contemporary values.”

And she went beyond that – fighting tirelessly for the right of First Nations artists to be exhibited in galleries and museums.

Schubert studied painting, printmaking and multi media at the Alberta University of the Arts.

Her style of painting was unique – using lots of colour (red being a dominant one) and contemporary approaches to imagery, including images of ancient petroglyphs.

She was the recipient of many awards for her art, with showings in private galleries and museums across Canada, the United States and Europe.