Diana Ross And The Supremes

In the 1960s Diana Ross and the Supremes ruled the airwaves.

They were the most successful American vocal group with 12 number one singles on the Billnoard Hot 100.

For a time they even rivalled the Beatles in terms of their commercial success – knocking off five number one singles in a row.

A major part of their success stemmed from the fact that they managed to appeal to the tastes of middle America.

Originally known as the Primettes the group performed at social clubs, sock hops and talent shows in the Detroit area.

Eventually they changed their name to Diana Ross and the Supremes, landed a record contract with Motown Records, the pre-eminent record label for black musicians.

By 1065 the group were international stars, touring the world, delivering one hit song after another.

Their stardom reached the point where Time Magazine called them “the reigning female rock ‘n’ roll group”, saying Diana Ross “is greatly envied for the torchy, come-hither purr in her voice.”