Joan Mitchell In Her Studio

Emotional intensity, colours leaping off the canvass, a kaleidoscopic symphony of colours, a kind of controlled chaos, the interplay of subtle and bold – the hallmark of Joan Mitchell, one of the great American expressionist painters.

Even though she lived in France for most of her career, she was associated with the New York school of artists in the 1950s.

Her style and brushwork were influenced by 19th. century post-impressionist painters, especially the French painter Henri Matisse.

Mitchell was one of of the few female painters of her era to receive critical and public acclaim.

Her art can be seen in major museums and collections throughout the world.

The art critic Bridget Quinn put her in perspective saying:

“There is something classical about Mitchell’s work, something verging on the timeless. Aristotle said that, “Beauty depends on magnitude and order.” Mitchell’s work has both in spades, and pairing her large canvases as diptychs, triptychs, and even quadriptychs seems meaningful. They are altarpieces in her religion of painting.”