Tasting Notes

This dish serves two – the taste of the garden awaits you, crunchy radishes, fresh cucumbers, all paired with the flavours of fresh tomatoes, all slightly spicy. The grilled bread adding extra crunch.

A cold, sublime soup, that’s healthy and only takes three key ingredients, ready within minutes.

What You Need

One bottle of Clamato juice or spicy tomato juice.

One medium-sized cucumber.

One bunch of radish.

Three tablespoons of olive oil.


2 slices sourdough bread.


1 medium-sized bowl.


Pour your Clamato and or spicy tomato juice in a bowl.

Take your radishes and cut into medium-sized slices, add to the bowl.

Trim your cucumber of most of the outer green part, leaving a few strips untouched. Then cut the cuke in half and then cut into medium-sized slices. Then add to the bowl.

Now add the olive oil. Mix everything and then add salt, to taste.

Once done place into your refrigerator for several hours to chill.

Toast your bread slightly.


It’s a beautiful, tasty, soup that full of great vegetables.

P.S. This soup is versatile and you can add different ingredients to make it even better.

Adding one tablespoon of horseradish works well. Or a couple of tablespoons of two tablespoons Worcestershire sauce. And last, but not least, four tablespoons of vodka. They all work and i have tried them all, each delivering a slightly, different, but great taste.