Singapore Waterfront

Singapore is a melting pot for many of Asia’s cultures, religions and ethnicities.

And all of that comes together in one specific arena – food.

This city-state located on an island off the coast of Malaysia is a foodies paradise.

Singaporean’s are fanatical about their food and the city’s hawker centres offer an endless array of food whether it’s a Malay satay, a Chinese oyster omelette or Indian biryani.

These hawker centres aka food courts are all over the city.

Tiong Bahru Market Is considered to be the best.

Outside Of The Tiong Bahru Market

The choices are endless, prices dirt cheap, the food super fresh and it has some of the best dishes found anywhere.

Aside from the delicious food you can also do some regular shopping.

The Raffles Hotel – known all over the world – is another must-see place.

Named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of colonial-era Singapore, it is considered one of the world’s top hotels.

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

The hotel attracted many of the world’s personalities – Sommerset Maugham, Noel Coward and Charlie Chaplin.

And that great cocktail, the Singapore Sling, was invented by a bartender at the hotel’s Long Bar. Afternoo tea also is a hotel trademark, both of which I and my wife, Linda, found delightful.

And believe it or not – another great spot to visit is Singapore’s airport.

An airport you say – yes, but this airport is extraordinary.

Designed by Montreal architect Moshe Safdie it is an architectural marvel. You can check in for your flight 24 hours early – allowing you to see everything Jewel Changi has to offer.

And while from the outside it looks like another modern airport, inside it’s ianything but.

There is the Rain Vortex, a seven-story-tall indoor waterfall; an indoor forest with suspended walkways; and nearly 300 stores.

It’s a nature-themed destination, featuring entertainment, great shopping and dining.