Humble, a peasant, true to his roots, Jose Benitez Sanchez developed an interest in the art of his people at age 15.

Sanchez, a Huichol Indian, toiled away at many different jobs before becoming an artist, including working as a street cleaner.

The Huichol are renowned for their colorful artwork, woven yarn.

Natural glue, made from tree resin and beeswax, and different coloured woolen yarns, are used to produce a piece.

The designs and symbols are rooted in the myths, stories and personal daily activities of each artist.

The art expresses reverence, relationship, and interdependence with nature, earth, water, fire, and air.

Sanchez pioneered a style of fluid figures in compositions; dynamic, complex, colorful, psychedelic.

The Huichol are a rare group; still living as their forefathers did.

Sanchez’s art was shown in museums all over world, also eagerly sought by collectors.

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