I remember it well.

I had just bought a cook book.

I had just started to learn how to cook.

The book was by Julia Child, From Julia Child’s Kitchen.

I still have it today, a treasured possession.

It’s tattered and well used.

And it was that book that launched my excellent adventures into the world of cooking.

I remember it so well what she said about one of my favourite dishes to cook – chicken.

“…my favorite remained the basic roast chicken. What a deceptively simple dish. I had come to believe that one can judge the quality of a cook by his or her roast chicken. Above all, it should taste like chicken: it should be so good that even a perfectly simple, buttery roast should be a delight.”

Right on Julia.

I cook that favourite roast chicken of hers often – and, yes, it is a delight.

So if you want the recipe for Julia’s superb roast chicken, it’s right there for you, below this picture. Just click on the sentence.

Here Is Julia’s Favourite Roast Chicken Recipe.