Joni Mitchell

In the annals of the world of music Joni Mitchell is in a category by herself.

Her music speaks to us, superb, outstanding – reaching our souls on the themes of, love lost, troubles we all face, the trials and tribulations of being human.

Mitchell’s life itself has been heartbreaking. As a child she was bedridden with polio, early on in her life she was forced to give up her daughter for adoption – now reunited – after the father refused to marry Mitchell.

Both events shaped Mitchell’s musical career, her songs, a reflection of life’s tribulations and challenges.

Mitchell, a native of Fort Macleod, Alberta, started singing in small Western Canadian nightclubs, eventually busking on the streets of Toronto.

Finally settling in Southern California, Mitchell played a key part in the folk rock movement then sweeping the musical landscape

Her musical awards are numerous.

In 2002 she was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

A critic of the music industry, she recently pulled all her songs off Spotify, in conjunction with a long-time friend and another Canadian musician, Neil Young.

Their reasons were simple – Spotify kept a major podcast personality, Joe Rogan, on its platform after it was revealed he was a racist.

Mitchell has stopped recording – given her age and poor state of health.

But she continues to paint, a long time vocation of hers.

Joni Mitchell, a Canadian treasure.