Historic Boston

Boston – the city of great contrast.

Centuries of history await you, a modern, contemporary, city awaits you.

It’s a city that is a pleasure to visit as my wife and I did on a long weekend.

What surprised us was the scope and variety – the different areas all different and unique.

Here is what we found:

Downtown Boston

It’s an area where history coexists with the best of modern, urban, contemporary life.

The Old State House dates to 1713 and fanned the flames of the Revolutionary War. The Union Oyster House, a treasure, serving oysters for more than 200 years. Mr. Dooley’s Boston, a great Irish pub, authentic as it gets. And the Theatre District, a great area to catch some terrific plays.

The North End

This wonderful area is home to the city’s Little Italy – a maze of narrow streets, some of the oldest buildings in Boston.

Hanover Street is the mecca for all things Italian.

As well there are plenty of historic sites – the 1680 Paul Revere House and the Old North Church, playing a major role in the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Beacon Hill

Step back into One of Boston’s most picturesque areas. Beacon Hill is tony, steep streets dotted with Federal-style and Victorian brick row houses, many lit by antique lanterns.


A mere short ride by transit – 15 minutes – Cambridge is home to some of the world’s best universities, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Harvard Square is full of cool characters, trendy stores, outdoor cafes.

Boston – a great place to explore, enjoy and savour – the essence of travelling.