Susan Mendelson

Meet Susan Mendelson.

Calling her one of the grand dame’s of Canada’s culinary world is apt.
She, is a culinary trendsetter, a major cookbook author, an amazing, inventive chef, a super successful entrepreneur, business executive, a foodie’s foodie.

By now you get the picture.

Food has been Mendelson’s life for 43 years.

It all started in 1979.

That was when she founded, The Lazy Gourmet, the creme de la creme of Vancouver’s catering scene.

And to top it off she wrote her first cookbook – one out of 10.

It all launched a glorious career for Mendelson – her appearances on radio and TV, her cookbooks, her culinary food forays – all a total reflection of her love of food.

Her first book, Mama Never Cooked Like This, was based on an simple premise, and a brilliant insight.

Write a book that simplifies classical recipes for people wanting to eat gourmet food but were not ready to follow all those complicated steps to getting there.

The book contained one recipe that took off like a rocket – the famous Nanaimo Bars.

Her most recent creation, Mama Now Cooks Like This.

The Lazy Gourmet has catered everything from breakfast meetings to full dinners for 1,000 people, many for prestigious events, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the PGA tour, the Dalai Lama conference.

The food delicious, a visual feast, artfully plated.

The Covid-19 pandemic tested the mettle of many food-based industries.

Many found it hard to cope, forcing their closure.

But part of being successful in business – during a crisis – is the ability to pivot.

The Lazy Gourmet did it with great aplomb – developing an online market, offering delivery, and launching online cooking classes available across Canada.

Susan Mendelson – one of Canada’s culinary gems.