Spice Rack

It happens often.

Happens to home cooks and chefs alike.

And it happens a lot when we go out to eat – the food is lacking in taste because it has not been seasoned properly.

And there is one item that stands out above all seasonings not being used enough.

It’s salt.

Hard to believe – but it’s salt.

There is a big misconception about salt – it’s bad for you, avoid it.

Not true.

For starters salt is an essential ingredient – it’s comprised of sodium chloride that is an essential part of our diet and health.

Too much salt in your food, too little salt in your food – both are not good for you.

But as Julia Child once said, talking about butter – everything in moderation.

In other words – use salt, but use it in moderation.

Salt is a fabulous flavour enhancer when cooking.

It can make or break a dish – too much salt, its awful; too little, it’s not very good.

A word of advice when cooking – add salt to a dish, but just a bit, taste it (something which is absolutely essential but not done enough. I taste dishes as much as three to four times, before deciding it’s right) and then add more if needed.

Your taste buds will tell you when it’s all good.