Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood stars are a dime a dozen.

And far too many are self-absorbed, constantly promoting themselves, their interests going no further than their palatial mansions and leading the La Dolce Vita lifestyle.

But there are exceptions.

Keanu Reeves, Dolly Parton, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep.

And one of the biggest – in the real people category is Canada’s Ryan Reynolds.

So lets meet Reynolds.

Last year Reynolds announced a hiatus from move making after the completion of a film project noting:

“Perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making. I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists. These days, kindness matters as much as talent. I’ve been lucky to work with folks who are flush with both.”

And that sabbatical allows Vancouver-born Reynolds to do two things that are dear to his heart.

Spend more time with his wife Blake Lively and their three daughters.

Strengthen and renew his efforts – along with Lively – to make the world a better place – helping the needy, the downtrodden, the poor, generously donating his time, his support, his money, to worthwhile causes all over the world.

The latest cause – pledging to match $1 million for desperate Ukrainians as Russia wages a vicious, unwarranted war against them.

His charity donations are constant and endless to the point where it’s hard to get a total tally.

But a quick search pinpoints to at least $9 million for a variety of causes ranging from food banks, children hospitals, humanitarian causes, legal funds, disadvantaged indigenous youths.

Reynolds grew up in Vancouver’s middle class neighbourhood, Kitsilano, well known for its strong, cool, counter culture, hippie, vibe.

Reynolds subject to endless celebrity interviews, resorts to the usual responses given the nature of them – vacuous questions, vacuous answers.

But in this interview with CBC anchor Ian Hanomansing he got real, giving us a measure of the real Ryan Reynolds, in large part in how Hanomansing started things rolling.

And despite all the acclaim, recognition, for his acting, star power, charity donations there are still issues that are part of his daily life.

“When the curtain opens, I turn on this knucklehead, and he kind of takes over and goes away again once I walk off set.

“That’s that great self-defense mechanism… I figure if you’re going to jump off a cliff, you might as well fly.”