The Sauce

This sauce is easy to make – requires only four ingredients – and is so versatile that you put it in on almost anything.

The Four Ingredients You Need To Make The Sauce

Parsley, garlic, Reggiano Parmegano cheese, and olive oil.


Take two handfuls of parsley and roughly chop it.

Take three garlic gloves, peel and chop roughly.

Take one cup of olive oil and add to a blender, then add the garlic cloves and the parsley.

Next add one-half of a cup of roughly chopped Reggiano-Parmegano cheese, add to the blender and blend till the sauce has a nice thick consistency.

Taste, you might want to add some salt, but given the cheese is somewhat salty, but it may not be needed.

The sauce has a fresh earthy taste to it and the garlic and cheese gives it a nice punch.

Now you can use the sauce. It’s great over meats, potatoes, vegetables, fish, as a condiment with sandwiches.

Presto, enjoy your sauce and you can also freeze it in ice cube trays – so when you need a great sauce it’s ready for you.