Chef Jose Andre

Jose Andre – one of the world’s top chefs with a culinary empire of 28 restaurants looks after the well-to-do, the elites.

But this Spanish-born chef, now an American citizen residing in Washington, D.C. is in a border town in Poland cooking for thousands and thousands of Ukrainians fleeing their country as Russia invades their country.

And Chef Andre wasted no time in telling the world of what he thought of Putin.

““Anybody that ever thought about saying that Putin was a good leader should be ashamed. Anybody supporting people that said that Putin was a good leader — they should be more than ashamed.”

Next stop for Chef Andre is the Romanian border, another hotspot for a portion of the more than one million Ukrainians fleeing their country.

But Andre’s Ukraine humanitarian effort is not his first.

Chef has been on the frontlines of the world since 2010 – feeding the needy, the poor, the disadvantaged, the refugees, of the world.

It was 12 years ago that Andre established World Central Kitchen – first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises.

And the kitchen’s efforts have been monumental – serving more than 60 million meals to people around the world.

But Andre’s approach goes beyond providing free meals – the kitchen also trains chefs and cooks; teaches clean cooking practices; and awards grants to farms, fisheries, and small food businesses.

Born in Spain, Chef Andre learned to cook from his parents and then in the kitchen of one of the world’s best restaurants, elBulli.

In 1991 he immigrated to the United States, first ending up in New York City.

Later he moved to Washington, D.C., now his home base from which he and his partners established a culinary empire totalling 28 restaurants – serving delicious food.

These restaurants are located throughout the U.S., Dubai and the Bahamas.

Chef Jose Andre At Work

Andre has been widely recognized for both his culinary and his humanitarian work.

Chef Jose Andre truly an amazing human being and humanitarian.