K.D. Lang

K.D. Lang – originally Canadian – is an international star.

She grew up in Alberta and after high school she attended a community college in Red Deer.

It was there that she became fascinated with the American country singer Patsy Cline, to the point where she decided she wanted to become a professional singer.

After graduation she moved to Edmonton, forming a Patsy Cline tribute band, the Reclines, in 1982.

The band toured throughout western Canada, establishing an appearance and style called, cowboy punk.

In 1985 Rolling Stone referred to her as Canadian cowpunk.

One year later she signed a contract with an American record producer.

Slowly she started gaining international recognition.

Her career received a major boost when Roy Orbison chose her to record a duet with him of his major hit, Crying.

The duet earned her several awards.

Over the years her musical style changed to being more torchy, languid and raw, in style, from the campy cowgirl approach.