Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest

It was one of those fortuitous moments in life – spending five days in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, adventure of a lifetime.

And it wasn’t even planned.

I was in Brazil on a business trip.

During the trip I met several senior Brazilian businessmen.

One, as it turned out, was quite wealthy..

During several meetings and over one dinner we hit it off rather well.

So imagine my surprise – several days later – when I received a phone call from his secretary inviting me for a weekend at his, get away from it all, home in the Amazon rainforest.

Now I had heard a fair bit about the vast Amazon rainforest.

But nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for this vast utopia – Natures heaven on earth.

It was magnificent, stupendous, riveting, out of this world.

Making a long story short a helicopter – a few days later – picked me up along with several other business people.

After a 30 minute flight we landed deep in the Amazon jungle, at a helipad, adjacent, to a super modern contemporary home.

It was gorgeous.

Modern Home In Rainforest

Much of northwestern Brazil is part the Amazon rainforest – a forest extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries.

Aerial view – Amazon Rainforest

The rainforest is home to hundreds of thousands of animal, bird, and insect species. The area is criss crossed by thousands of rivers, including the powerful Amazon River.

Once settled in it was time to explore the rainforest by a small motorboat with a guide.

And explore I did – day after day.

What I saw was out of this world, nothing could match the sheer beauty of the Amazon rainforest – the plant life, the animals, the scenery.

It was a visual feast of eye candy within the confines of Heaven On Earth – far removed from modern civilization – enveloped in a cocoon of absolute stillness punctuated by the sound of my guide boat, it’s paddles hitting the water, the shrills and cries of various animals, making it all surreal.

Heaven does exist on earth.