A major challenge, a difficult challenge.

An opportunity missed, an opportunity not realized.

Instead politicians and public health care officials are stuck in a groove.

A costly groove that is resulting in unnecessary deaths, costing the health care system millions of dollars, producing angst, anguish, burn out among our health care workers, making people feeling antsy and anxious.

The major issue at hand – dealing with Canada’s unvaccinated crowd for Covid-19.

Right now the politicians, the health care officials, always do the same thing – tell the non vaccinated to get vaccinated.

Simply put – that is not good enough.

The non vaccinated need to be reached, they need to take notice.

Right now that is not the case.

But there is a solution and it’s simple – reach them, get through to them, with a concerted effort.

The effort requires very little money when weighed against the costs to the economy and the health care system of allowing the non vaccinated to continue on their destructive way.

And here it is.

All government’s must launch a concerted and focussed campaign to covert the non vaccinated into the vaccinated.

Here is how – it’s called advertising.

Advertising on social media, on radio, on television, in print.

History has shown that people can be persuaded to change their minds through such campaigns on topics that are near and dear to their hearts.

These campaigns don’t work overnight but they work over time.

One of the best example is drinking and driving.

These campaigns have caused people to change their behaviour on the drinking and driving issue – big time.

There are others.

So lets do it.