Santa Fe

Santa Fe is is different.

It’s known as – The City Different, founded in 1610, a reflection of its rich history, a melding of Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo cultures.

Spending a week here is one of endless discoveries, new adventurers, a city unlike any other.

Like many Spanish influenced cities Santa Fe Plaza – a National Historic Landmark – is the cultural hub.

Santa Fe Plaza

The plaza is the centre of vast community activities – public concerts, Indian, Spanish markets, always buzzing with people, vendors selling authentic Native American crafts.

The plaza is surrounded by two historic buildings – San Miguel Chapel Chapel and the Palace of the Governors.

San Miguel Chapel is the oldest Catholic Church built in the United States.

It was built in 1610.

The chapel – still used for religious services.

Entering the chapel is like stepping back into history – religious icons centuries old, original walls still standing.

Palace Of The Governors is the oldest public building in the United States .

The Palace – a treasure trove of history dating back to 1610 when it was built.

Santa Fe is a prime destination for art lovers.

Canyon Road less than a mile from Santa Fe Plaza has 80 art galleries on both sides of the road stretched for half a mile.

The street itself is visual eye candy – many of the galleries are housed in historic adobe buildings, art installations of showcased outside.

The art in the galleries – wide ranging – a virtual kaleidoscope of the art world.

One of Santa Fe’s top artist was Georgia O’Keeffe.

Her inspiration – Santa Fe’s blazing landscape.

Georgia O’Keefe

There is a museum devoted to her art.

It contains 700 drawings, 140 oil paintings, more than 100 watercolors, and multiple casts of three sculptures by her.

Want to step back into history – history thousands of years old?
A must see – the Taos Pueblo, a 90 minute drive from Santa Fe.

The Pueblo –  multi-storied adobe buildings – have been continuously inhabited for more than 1000 years. Today, people of the Pueblo nation still live there.