One word encapsulates Vienna – Magnifico.

Vienna is, artistic, musical, steeped in history, filled with grandeur, elegance.

Spending a week in this gem – a trip of a lifetime.

Let’s tour Vienna and see what we discovered, explored and enjoyed.


The world’s most beautiful boulevard – a mere 3.3 miles – home to Vienna’s most famous palaces, grand museums, stunning parks.

Schönbrunn Palace

This monumental, grandiose, palace, was the summer palace of Austria’s reigning monarchy, the Hapsburgs’.

Schönbrunn Palace

Opulent, grandiose, over-the-top luxury this 1,441 room palace now is a Unesco World Heritage site.
Touring takes you into another world – a world of extravagance, luxury beyond compare, a world where you marvel at the exquisite workmanship and imagination that brought it all together.

Vienna Boys’ Choir

Vienna Boy Choir Member

World-renowned the Vienna Boys’ Choir travels the world when not performing at home.

There are four touring choirs consisting of boys ages nine to 14.

The boys are either sopranos or altos and although most of the choir consists of Austrians, boys from other countries also are accepted.

Each choir tours for nine to 11 weeks in a year and each has the name of an Austrian composer, Mozart, Schubert, Bruckner and Haydn.

The four choirs perform around 300 times a year, entertaining an audience of 500,000 people.

Give a listen to some of their music.

Spanish Riding School

Lipizzaner Troupe

The Spanish Riding School is the world’s oldest – practising for more than 450 years the art of classical dressage.

In essence classical dressage are acrobatic feats and synchronized movements – the fusion of two living beings—horse and rider—into a living work of art with unique beauty. 

The horses – Lipizzaner – are a breed named for the Lipizza Stud of the Habsburg monarchy.

Want to discover more about these famous horses and their riders?
Click on the video.

The show the horses and riders put on is magnificent.

Cafe Central

Cafe Central

Vienna is synonymous with fabulous coffee and pastries – all served in amazing and historic cafes. The city is dotted with them. One of the most famous and best known is Cafe Central.

It opened in 1876, and in the late 19th century it became a key meeting place for Viennese intellectuals. Other regulars included Leon Trotsky, Sigmund Freud, and Adolf Hitler.

The cafe is splendid in its decor and its pastries are legendary.