Some things in life are, gut wrenching, agonizing to face, hard to accept.

Losing a pet is like losing a family member.

Our Piper, also known as Princess, left us last week after a valiant battle with cancer.

Dogs always have played a large part in our family.

A mini Schnauzer – she was our seventh dog.

Six of them of them were mini Schnauzers.

Like the other dogs she was playful, a joy to behold, a terrific family member.

Piper had a distinct personality.

Stubborn as they come – taking her for a walk meant she was Queen of the walk.

We live next to a park and she loved going there, meeting other dogs, lots of things to sniff at.

Piper In The Park

But there were days when she would not go and that was it.

Nothing and I mean nothing could be done to get her to go to the park.

She also was fussy about other dogs.

There were some that she did not like and nothing they would do changed her mind.

She just ignored them and on she walked.

She loved playing silly bugger, running all over the house when she was being chased either by myself or wife Linda.

Piper Being Silly

We had some dogs that as soon as you yelled ”treatie” and give it to them they would just gobble it up.

But Piper was particular, she would first give the treat a good sniff and then if she liked it, she would eat it slowly.

If not, she would leave it.

A big treat for her was going to the beach, we live five minutes from it, checking things out. She also loved looking out the window, especially when we we were on holidays.

One of her favourite spots was the backend of the couch.

She would jump on it – always at one end, often alternating from one end to the other end.

She was sweet and loveable.

A year ago she was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. It’s a deadly disease – nothing can be done about it.

Dogs with that type of cancer usually last five month – but Piper went beyond it.

She was 11 1/2 years old when she passed.

Every day we reminisce about her, talk about her idiosyncrasies, how loveable she was, how she enriched our life.

RIP Piper – you were the best.

A final word – pets enrich our lives, love us unconditionally, are always there for us, bring us endless joy and happiness.

They are a gift that keeps on giving.

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