Lucinda Turner (left) And Norman Tait (right – paddle in hand)

In the annals of Northwest Coast art they are unique and special – Norman Tait and Lucinda Turner.

Unique because as a couple they broke the traditional mold that only one person can produce great Northwest Coast art.

Special because their art was powerful, riveting, unique, superb, and outstanding.

Lucinda Turner studied art at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver.

In 1991, she became an apprentice of Norman’s, a common path in Northwest Coast Art circles, assist and learn from a master, eventually striking out on your own.

And while she did her own carvings, the main thrust of her career was working with Norman on joint projects.

Below are some of Turner’s own carvings.

Tait started carving in 1970.

He studied under two legendary carvers, Freda Diesing and Gerry Marks.

Below are some of Tait’s own carvings.

The partnership between Turner and Tait resulted in hundreds of carvings and designs.

Lucinda Turner And Norman Tait Carving

The works done in collaboration with Norman were his designs and creations.

Below is an extensive slideshow of some of Tait’s and Turner’s collaborative works.

Norman died in 2016, that’s when Lucinda stopped carving.

Today she administers two Facebook page.

One, allows Northwest Coast artists to display their art.

Lucinda Turner Is The Administrator Of This Facebook Page

The other one – combats the sale of fraudulent Northwest Coast art by copying and replicating it.

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