Bangkok – a city of endless possibilities, a city of contrasts.

More than 24 million people visit Bangkok each year – drawn by its lively atmosphere, historic architecture, ancient temples, lavish gardens, modern shopping edifices, unique floating markets, exciting aromas, interesting sights, visual delights.

Bangkok – a city unlike any other.

We spent a week in Bangkok.

We stayed at a fabulous hotel – The Shangri La Hotel.

Shangri La Hotel

The hotel is located right on the Chao Phraya River – River Of Kings – a great gateway to some excellent adventures.

The best, the easiest, way, for those adventures – take the public river boats that await you at the back of the hotel.

Then it’s time to enjoy some of the sights – riverside – Bangkok has to offer.

The beauty of using the river as your main transportation mode is that that there are plenty of stops to hop off. And then, either within walking distance or using a Tuk Tuk, you will get to your destination.

Tuk Tuk


Bangkok’s markets are a sight to behold – bustling, a myriad of vendors, endless items for sale.
Of the many markets – Taling Chan – a floating market became our favourite.


Bangkok’s temples – 400 – are a unique part of its heart and soul. Visiting a few is a must. The architecture is amazing and unique – endless pieces of coloured glasses, intricate pottery, fantastic buildings adorned in stunning gold.

The biggest and most spectacular is – Wat Pho.

The inside of the temple is glorious – total splendour.

Especially grandiose – Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha.

It’s 46 metres long, 15 metres tall, covered in gold leaf – a spectacular sight.

After your temple visit, pick a Tuk Tuk and it’s back to the Shangri La Hotel.

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