Bok Choy

Tasting Notes

This serves four. It’s finger lickin’ good.

A deep, rich, satisfying, chicken broth, brimming with fresh veggies, and for extra flavour and punch – Asian ingredients.

What You Need

3 small bok choy.

1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

1 garlic clove.

4 tablespoons of soya sauce.

2 tablespoons fish sauce. If you don’t have fish sauce, mix an equal amount of soya sauce and white vinegar with a dash of salt

3 green onions.

2 large carrots.

4 cups chicken broth, store bought if you don’t have homemade.

2 large, skinless. chicken breasts.


1 large frying pan.

1 potato or vegetable peeler.

1 large pot.

Saran Wrap.

1 mallet or a heavy pot.


Cut up the green onions. Shave your carrots with your peeler. Set both aside.

Take your chicken, place Saran Wrap over the chicken breasts and with a mallet or a heavy pot pound the chicken till it becomes more flat and even. Set aside.

Cut your bok Choy in half.

Mince your garlic.

Pre-heat your frying pan on medium heat. Now add your 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to your pan. Then your bok Choy and garlic.

Cook for three three minutes, turn a few times to make sure they cook evenly.
Then add two tablespoons of soya sauce, cook for another two minutes or so till leaves turn bright green.

Then add a tablespoon of water.

Set aside.

Take your four cups of chicken broth and pour into the pot, bring to a boil, then turn down to simmer.

Add two tablespoons of the fish sauce and the soya sauce.

Put your flattened chicken breasts into the pot and simmer for 8 minutes. Once done take out the chicken cut into bite-sized portions and then return to the pot.

Now add four handfuls off vermicelli noodles (usually that is one package) to the broth. Leave in the hot broth for six minutes.

Take four large bowls .

Remove – with a laddle – and evenly divide the noodles, bok Choy. chicken pieces among the four bowls. Once done, laddle enough broth over everything, almost to the top of each bowl.

Top off with shaved carrots and green onions.

Bon Appetit.