Bob Horsfall

Meet Bob Horsfall.

For 27 years Bob has been married to Camilla Dietrich.

Camilla Dietrich, Bob Horsfall

When they got married – neither had done any travelling.

So they promised each other – let’s discover, explore, and enjoy the world.

And they sure did.

Each year they took a trip – Korea, Crete, Morocco, Mexico, Japan, Tobago, Malta, Cambodia.

Their last trip – New Orleans in 2017.

Today Bob and Camilla still explore, but differently – travelling around Greater Vancouver – seeking great spots for taking pictures.

All of it amidst new life challenges.

Their motto – each day, live life to the fullest.

Camilla the photographer – giving us a window into their world, shared on her Facebook page.

Her pictures exquisite, powerful, spectacular.

Bob her trusty companion usually with her wherever their sense of adventure takes them.

His abilities hampered – suffering from the onset of dementia.

All their lives Bob and Camilla have been strong social justice advocates, standing up to racism, fighting anti-semitism – kindness, compassion, firmly entrenched in their psyche.

Here is Camilla’s perspective of one of Bob’s initiatives, a former Simon Fraser University professor.

“In 1971, an SFU student suggested that the Geography Department should give a Geography of Gender course, given that so many public spaces seemed to be planned with only men in mind. The course ended up being the first credit course in the Women’s Studies program at SFU.  Bob (as the campus radical) moderated the course, with the support of some high-powered campus feminists.” 

Bob also helped solve, assist, students with their personal and academic issues.

Early in life Bob loved carving with wood.

Bob Carving In Portland In 1964

It was his way of relaxing, playing banjo another pastime, arthritis eventually forcing him to stop.

Four days ago was a special day for Bob and Camilla – their 27th. wedding anniversary.

Bob and Camilla – two special people – living a full life.

Their realization.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

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