Ruth Kozak Out And About

Meet Ruth Kozak.

At age 83 she had her second novel published after a lifetime of travel writing and writing some poetry.

She got the writing bug at age 12 – an article in a Girl Guides magazine.

Four years later she wrote an Alexander The Great themed novel.

And now at age 88 she has several other novels she is working on.

Her love of writing led to travelling all over the world for 39 years.

One of her favourite places – Greece, she ended up living there for several years, exploring it and writing about it

Today her travels are more circumspect – Greater Vancouver is her playground now.

Daily she venturers out from her apartment, exploring different parts of Greater Vancouver, recording her travels through pictures she posts on her Facebook page.

The posts are fascinating and intriguing, given her great eye – photographer parlance for terrific- where even the most minute images often turn into something beautiful and memorable.

And creativity extends even further – cooking great dinners, inevitably with a great glass of wine.

And if that isn’t enough she still holds writing classes in New Westminster and the Brock House Senior’s Centre in Vancouver.

She also is working on another novel and has done the outline on another one.

But there is more – her memoirs also are in the works.

So what can one say about Ruth?

Simple, a life well lived, a life a lot of us can only wish for.

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