1. Life teaches you valuable lessons – be open to them.
  2. Follow your beliefs and inspirations.
  3. Get feedback from people you trust and value.
  4. Use their feedback.
  5. Be aware some will tell you – forget it, it won’t work, etc.
  6. Ignore them, if there is more positive than negative feedback.
  7. Age is not a factor.
    My latest venture, a weekly newsletter, Delicioso – is a prime example.
    The topics covered – food, my recipes, people I have met, art I love, and travel, places I have been to.
    Five editions have been published.
    Feedback has been exceptional. Subscribers are really enjoying it, being specific in their email responses on why and what they like.
    The metrics – how many people open the newsletter and read the items – are way way above industry averages, more than quadruple and more than triple, in each case.
    Subscribers are growing daily.
    The moral is simple.
    Follow your beliefs, ideas and act on them.
    Age is not an issue. The notion – you are too old, do you really want to try it at your age – is postulated by those who are old and ready to call it quits.
    My answer to them and other naysayers – no way, I did it my way and,I am 79 years old.

Every Wednesday journalist, George Froehlich, gets personal – sharing with you, his amazing travel destinations, his wonderful recipes, art he loves, music he enjoys.
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