This Week.

We did it.

We bought an air fryer.

Our New Air Fryer

It arrived Monday.

We were quite excited.

One of our sons had one and on Mother’s Day he cooked several dishes with it.

They were delicious.

And after asking a lot of questions about it we made the decision- let’s get one.

So the first thing we cooked with it were chicken wings.

They came out perfectly – almost.

We burned the chicken wings a bit. Although the skin was quite black, they nevertheless were moist and juicy. And the black skin even added to the taste.

But in cooking them we made a mistake. We put them in the revolving basket and did not turn on the revolving feature.

The basket – full of caked on marinade – was a mess. It too forever to clean.

The fries were crispy and nice and creamy on the inside, just the way they are supposed to be. But those we did in a frying pan, not the air fryer.

So far the air fryer is a hit.