Powerful, dramatic, universal, the struggles, tribulations of the black experience – hallmarks of America’s most widely acclaimed black artist Jacob Lawrence.

Lawrence – his abstract, colourful style – appealed to a wide audience.

At age 30 he was heralded as the “foremost Negro artist.”

His artist experience unique – growing up in a black community, taught primarily by black artists, influenced by black people.

At age 12 Lawrence enrolled in a school in Harlem that offered an after school program in arts and crafts.

His talent was recognized immediately by his teachers, his biggest advocate another painter, Charles Alston, who managed to open various doors for Lawrence.

By age 21 Lawrence exhibited 41 of his paintings – part of a show on African American art – at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

From then on Lawrence’s career was on an upward trajectory – receiving endless acclaim and public recognition.

His art mesmerizing, pointed, powerful, relevant and stunning.