Marta Pan

Marta Pan started as a child – painting.

And today her art is widely recognized for its strong colours, celebrating the joy, grace and vitality of life.

She has had solo and group shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal, as well as a show in Italy.

“As a child I would draw in the sand and paint special stones, transforming them into something they were not. Shortly before coming to Canada as a teenager, I had the good fortune to start painting under the guidance of Otello De Maria, a well known artist from Vicenza, Italy) the city where I was born and where I spent my early years.”

Painting is her life – keeping her in touch with her soul and and creativity.

“My work is not political, nor has it ever been about making changes for humanity. I paint because it keeps me sane and alive. Creating relationships between spaces, shapes and colors is much like solving a puzzle. It is giving form to the unknown, indeed to the puzzle of life. Color and texture are intrinsic to my work. I observe the world around me and see beauty: in shapes, sounds, tastes and smells.”

She was graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, the recipient of several art scholarships along the way.

Creativity fuels Marta’s life – painting her mental yoga.

“It is my way to process and digest life. It is entirely selfindulgent, more so than ever these days, where making the time seems to be more and more demanding.”