Quebec City

Québec City is a gem.

Step back into history, discover a new culture, enjoy new adventurers, savour new food.

Quebec has it all.

Experience the most European city outside of Europe.

Quebec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River – dating back to 1608 – founded by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain.

It is the only North American city to have preserved the fortifications of a colonial city.

The upper town remains the religious and administrative centre, the lower town, an ensemble of endless small stores carrying fine goods and great restaurants serving amazing food.

All in all an amazing ensemble of new, contemporary, old, historical, set within a city hundreds of years old.

An exciting adventure awaits you.

French is the official language – about 80 per cent of the city’s residents are Francophone.

The old-world charm is evident everywhere in this UNESCO designated world city – with winding cobblestone streets, breathtaking hills, breathtaking views.

Château Frontenac

This opulent five-star hotel – a coveted crown jewel of the Québec City skyline – holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Photographed Hotel in the World.”

The hotel like many hotels has its own mascot – Jasper.


And even if you don’t stay at the hotel it is a must visit, to look, to have a drink or to have a great dinner.

Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica

The grandiose Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral started life as a modest church in 1647.

It was damaged and rebuilt several times. Today it stands in grandeur, a sight to behold and marvel at.