Puebla Church

Puebla – Mexico’s fourth-largest city is a gem.

We spent 10 days there – flew into Mexico City and then took a two-hour bus ride that was much like travelling in business class on a plane, as we did from Vancouver to Mexico City.

Puebla has it all – European charm with a Latin flair, fabulous colonial architecture, a great culinary history and artisans making fabulous pottery.

Puebla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – created in 1532.

Here is a diary of what we discovered, explored and enjoyed in Puebla.

Puebla Churches
There are 37 of them – a reason why Puebla often is referred to as the city of churches. They run the gamut from small and spartan to large and sumptuous.

Inside the churches are majestic, splendorous, amazing, craftsmanship that dazzles with its opulent fittings and designs.

Mole Poblano – Mexico’s National Dish

Puebla is where Mole Poblano originated – Mexico’s national dish.

Mole Poblano Dinner

Mole Poblano includes about 20 different ingredients – dried chiles, Mexican chocolate, a wide variety of spices, nuts, vegetables and a dark bitter Mexican chocolate.

Traditionally served at weddings Mole Poblano was served with turkey. Today mole is such a staple of Mexican cuisine that 300 different versions of this famous sauce are made, not all of them containing chocolate, and used for basically any dish.


Puebla Talvera

Talavera from Puebla is world renowned.

Production of these colorful ceramics has not changed since the 16th century. It’s trademark is the quality of the clay from this region and the ivory white base for decoration. You can find talavera all over the country, but only Puebla has certified Dominion of Origin talavera factories – nine – meet stringent requirements to preserve the integrity and hand painted artwork.

Mesón Sacristía

This small hotel – our base for our stay in Puebla – is located in the city’s historic downtown – consists of eight small suites, each decorated with Mexican antiques. A cooking school with a small restaurant is part of the hotel.

The building a former convent was built in the 18th. century and was converted to a fully-modernized boutique hotel.

Mesón Sacristía Cooking School

The school teaches you to cook a variety of authentic Mexican dishes – Mole Poblano is front and centre. You end up eating what chef, formerly from a top-notch restaurant in Mexico City, has cooked, assisted by several other cooks.

Our two days of classes – learning to cook authentic Mexican dishes – were wonderful.

The cooking kitchen has a dual purpose – with a limited, authentic, menu, it serves up fabulous food – breakfast, lunch, dinner – only available to the hotel guests.

Our hotel given its location was perfect for exploring downtown Puebla.

Puebla always remembered, never forgotten.

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