Vancouver, a polyglot, different races and cultures. A beautiful location, scenery running the gamut, from mountains, the ocean, stunning beaches, forests thousands of years old, adding up to a stunning jewel on the Pacific.
So what to do, what to see?

One of the best – Granville Island.
Every major world city has great markets but the Granville Island is unique – its oceanfront location, it’s diversity.

Granville Island.

The market is a foodie mecca. You name it, it’s there for you.

But the island is more than just a foodies paradise. It has great restaurants, art galleries, a hotel, bookstores, artisans selling great items.

Stanley Park is another must see.

Stanley Park

Larger than Central Park in New York, it’s biggest distinguishing characteristic – it is more of a forest oasis with more than half a million trees, many hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Here is a quick tour of this amazing park.