This is snap to make, a colourful, tasty Chinese dinner, packed with flavour and crunch.
And all you need are a few ingredients.

Tasting Notes
Yummy vegetable pot stickers are soft and delicious and go well with all those vegetables bathed in Hoisin, a kind of Chinese BBQ sauce
It’s sweet, tangy and sticky.
The veggies are crunchy and earthy.

What You Need
1 bottle of store-bought Hoisin sauce.
1 package of frozen store-bought vegetable pot stickers.
8 mushrooms.
3 bell peppers, any colour will do.
4 Baby Bok Choy, an earthy Chinese vegetable.
4 tablespoons of vegetable oil.


Pot Stickers
Take 8 pot stickers and place them in a large pot of boiling water.
Cook for around eight minutes or so. They are ready when they are floating at the top of the pot.
Now take them out of the pot, drain and set aside.

Vegetable Stir Fry
Cut up your mushroom into thick slices.
Peel and core your bell peppers and cut into slices.
Cut your Bok Choy in half.
In the meantime heat up a large frying pan or a wok on high heat and add four tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Once the oil starts to shimmer, add your vegetables and cook them quickly for around 4 minutes, ensuring they are not overcooked and stay crunchy.
Now add 5 tablespoons of the Hoisin sauce and swish around making sure your veggies are all coated with the sauce.
Then add your pot stickers and mix thoroughly for a minute or so.

Presto, you are ready to serve.
Easy and delish.