Luke Marston

Luke Marston’s art, is bold, is dramatic.

And like all Northwest Coast artists his work is a deep reflection of his particular heritage – Coast Salish.

Salish carvings are minimalist and straightforward – elaborate designs are not part of the tradition.

However, a lot of the younger Northwest Coast artists are experimenting, pushing the boundaries.

Marston is one – incorporating traditional Salish design with his own style – the result is a bold, dramatic, visually powerful presentation.

Marston comes from a family of carvers – both his parents are carvers.

His brother, John Marston, is a powerful, young, artist.

Luke followed a Northwest Coast art tradition – studying, honing his skills, with stalwart artists such as Simon Charlie, Wayne Young, Sean Whonnock, Sean Karpes, among other others.

He has had major shows at the Victoria Art Gallery and the New York Museum of Arts.

Wood carving is Luke’s first love but he also has made jewellery, produced prints, painted and cast his pieces in various mediums.

He even produced a helmet for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

His fine artworks grace many private collections and have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

He has had exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Japan, and Portugal.

“I am inspired by the legacy of my ancestors… I feel for the master carvers of long ago. I believe, as an artist, that we have to find a balance between traditional and contemporary art, and at the same time evolve and grow as Coast Salish people.”

– Luke Marston

Luke Marston

Well said, well done, Luke Marston.