Jim Hart

Jim Hart stands out in the echelons of Northwest Coast art.

But his low profile does not detract from the fact that he is one of most prominent Northwest Coast artists.

His works are intricate and stunning in their style and execution.

Like many other great Northwest Coast artists he studied, honed, perfected his craft and talent, under two renowned Haida artists – Robert Davidson and Bill Reid.

Many of Hart’s works are monumental – one of them is located in the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, B.C. – The Dance Screen.

Other monumental carvings are located in Vancouver and Ottawa.

Hart is a descendant of a long line of Haida chiefs – all of them carvers.

As chief of the Eagle clan he holds the hereditary title of his great-great-grandfather, Charles Edenshaw.

Hart’s smaller pieces are equally powerful and run the gamut from jewellery, to prints, to carvings.