Susan Point

Susan Point, a Coast Salish art, has been perfecting her art for more than 35 years.

Widely acclaimed for asserting the vitality of Coast Salish culture, Point works in a variety of mediums, prints, sculptures using wood, steel, glass, resin.

A lot of her works are monumental and public – installed at museums throughout North America, at the Vancouver International Airport, Stanley Park in Vancouver and the city of Seattle.

A consistent use in her art has been the Coast Salish spindle whorl.

The whorl a small wooden disk usually has a pole inserted through the centre.

It was used by Coast Salish women to prepare wool that would be woven into garments and ceremonial blankets.

Internationally recognized for her work it still is rare for women to gain such stature because female artists are still a bit of a rarity among Northwest Coast art circles.

Susan Point And Some Of Her Art

But that gap is closing as more and more younger female artists are coming up the ranks and gaining the recognition they deserve.