Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder changed the course of modern art with his whimsical, three-dimensional kinetic sculpturers.

Dubbed ”mobiles” by the French artist Marcel Duchamp, Calder used industrial materials for his boldly abstract shapes, hanging in perfect lyrical balances.

The use of bold colours and abstract shapes so evident in his paintings and prints.

Calder, an American, was born into a family of artists. Both his parents and his grandfather were all successful artists.

His works are held in a who’s who of the world’s best and well-known museums.

He has won numerous international prizes for his art, among others, earning the French Legion of Honor, winning the grand prize for sculpture at the 1952 Venice Biennale.

Best known for his mobiles he also sculpted, painted, created jewellery, was involved in set and costume design, created large public art installations.

His paintings and prints are a joy to behold.