Jack Shadbolt
Jack Shadbolt – one of Canada’s most important artists.
His art, bold, lyrical, colourful, often with dark undertones.

He studied art in New York, London and Paris.

Two artists influenced him greatly, Picasso and B.C. artist, Emily Carr.

He started teaching high school in British Columbia, eventually teaching art at the Vancouver Art School.

His painting career spanned seven decades.

Aside from painting he was a fierce advocate of the arts.

He and his wife, Doris, a noted art critic and curator, started VIVA, the Vancouver Institute for Visual Arts

It offered two yearly $10.000 awards and one $50,000 every fifth year to Vancouver visual artists. As well he was a supporter of the Artists for Kids Trust to assist Vancouver-area students from a $500,000 fund.

His works are represented in major Canadian public art galleries and in corporate and private collections.
His art shown in galleries all over the world.

The most powerful and dramatic examples were his Triptychs.

Birds and butterflies were another of his favourite subjects.

Landscapes – bold, lyrical, powerful.

Jack Shadbolt – a painter par excellence.

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